Starting a Career As an SAP HCM Consultant

What is an SAP HCM Consultant?

An SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant is amongst the most sought after in the consulting field and is a highly prestigious role, offering plethora of consulting opportunities and a far more stable professional career. Owing to the huge scope of HCM module, it is too general as well as generic to be called an ‘SAP HCM Consultant’ when each of its sub-modules like Organizational Management, Recruitment, Travel Management, Time Management, Training and Development, Payroll and Personnel Administration offers a career of its own.

Job Functions

As an SAP HCM Consultant, you will be expected to have the unparalleled skills and commitment to work in close coordination with client’s Human Resources Department to not only map their current business processes in SAP but also at times work with a third party which is engaged in defining or aligning client’s human resources policies and procedures.

SAP HCM is integrated with SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI), especially for the Payroll area, hence having a good understanding of SAP FI helps all along. Additionally, several clients have their SAP HCM module integrated with Production Planning (SAP PP) module which entails that all work done by different personnel in production shifts are also synchronized with Time Management and SAP Payroll.

The SAP HCM module is one of the few modules in SAP which can be implemented as stand-alone and are therefore implemented in the second or later phase of the normal SAP project.

Other important responsibilities of an SAP HCM Consultant are:

- Discuss and finalize the HCM Organizational Management like Personnel area, personnel subarea, employee group and employee subgroup etc.

- Ensuring all major business processes of Recruitment and its various mediums like advertisement, unsolicited resumes, recruiting agencies, professional networking etc. are mapped in SAP.

- An SAP HCM Consultant is also expected to have in-depth knowledge and experience of Personnel Administration especially related to hiring, leaves (annual, casual, maternity, paternity, sick etc.), promotion, grievances handling, resignation etc.

- For those HCM consultants specializing in area of Travel Management, it is important to have 2-3 projects’ experience in areas of travel planning, travel approvals and expenses etc.

- For SAP Payroll, often there are country specific laws and by-laws which need to be configured and taken into account in SAP HCM.

- Be able to independently attend to all the RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) with the support and guidance of the ABAP (Developers) team members.

- Training and Development in SAP HCM keeps track of the training needs of the employees as well as if an employee is moved to or promoted to another area of responsibility, then his/her training needs must be accordingly fulfilled.

- Integrate client’s third party attendance software with SAP as a value-addition to Time Management sub-module.

- Support and assist the client in finalization of authorization matrices of HCM module with the NetWeaver (Basis) team to ensure the right person responsible is authorized to conduct necessary business transactions in SAP.

- Other important phases of SAP implementation project will require HCM consultant to do necessary configuration of HCM module in SAP, prepare and get approved the agreed business blueprints, conduct extensive series of testing (unit test, unit acceptance test, integration test, mega test), conduct trainings to client’s core team and end users, master and transactional data uploads, cutover balances upload, transports from one client to another like DEV to QA etc.

The career of an SAP HCM consultant can continue to grow as he/she gains experience and exposure to different sub-modules of the HCM. Given that the policies and procedures of not only the client but also that of laws and by-laws of the country change with time, thereby providing a constant and consistent revenue and work stream to an SAP HCM Consultant.

Formal Education and Work Experience

- Bachelors or Master’s degree in Human Resources, preferably with focus on specific area.

- At least 4 or more years of professional experience in SAP HCM and been involved in at least 2 full life-cycle implementations (from project preparation to blueprint to go live and support)

- Some experience or at least good comprehension of Talent Management modules like e-Recruiting, Compensation Management, Learning Solution, Competencies and Appraisal management.

- Have worked for 4-5 clients and to have an in-depth understanding of HR business processes.

- Preferably have a solid technical background (ABAP) although now primarily focused on the functional areas.

- Be able to independently manage the detailed configuration and customization in the relevant HCM modules

- Be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and mobility

- Positive team player with great communication skills

- Commercial insight and attitude and very strong customer focus

- Motivated by continuous learning about the features and functionalities of HCM module.