Starting a Career As an SAP HCM Consultant

What is an SAP HCM Consultant?

An SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant is amongst the most sought after in the consulting field and is a highly prestigious role, offering plethora of consulting opportunities and a far more stable professional career. Owing to the huge scope of HCM module, it is too general as well as generic to be called an ‘SAP HCM Consultant’ when each of its sub-modules like Organizational Management, Recruitment, Travel Management, Time Management, Training and Development, Payroll and Personnel Administration offers a career of its own.

Job Functions

As an SAP HCM Consultant, you will be expected to have the unparalleled skills and commitment to work in close coordination with client’s Human Resources Department to not only map their current business processes in SAP but also at times work with a third party which is engaged in defining or aligning client’s human resources policies and procedures.

SAP HCM is integrated with SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI), especially for the Payroll area, hence having a good understanding of SAP FI helps all along. Additionally, several clients have their SAP HCM module integrated with Production Planning (SAP PP) module which entails that all work done by different personnel in production shifts are also synchronized with Time Management and SAP Payroll.

The SAP HCM module is one of the few modules in SAP which can be implemented as stand-alone and are therefore implemented in the second or later phase of the normal SAP project.

Other important responsibilities of an SAP HCM Consultant are:

- Discuss and finalize the HCM Organizational Management like Personnel area, personnel subarea, employee group and employee subgroup etc.

- Ensuring all major business processes of Recruitment and its various mediums like advertisement, unsolicited resumes, recruiting agencies, professional networking etc. are mapped in SAP.

- An SAP HCM Consultant is also expected to have in-depth knowledge and experience of Personnel Administration especially related to hiring, leaves (annual, casual, maternity, paternity, sick etc.), promotion, grievances handling, resignation etc.

- For those HCM consultants specializing in area of Travel Management, it is important to have 2-3 projects’ experience in areas of travel planning, travel approvals and expenses etc.

- For SAP Payroll, often there are country specific laws and by-laws which need to be configured and taken into account in SAP HCM.

- Be able to independently attend to all the RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) with the support and guidance of the ABAP (Developers) team members.

- Training and Development in SAP HCM keeps track of the training needs of the employees as well as if an employee is moved to or promoted to another area of responsibility, then his/her training needs must be accordingly fulfilled.

- Integrate client’s third party attendance software with SAP as a value-addition to Time Management sub-module.

- Support and assist the client in finalization of authorization matrices of HCM module with the NetWeaver (Basis) team to ensure the right person responsible is authorized to conduct necessary business transactions in SAP.

- Other important phases of SAP implementation project will require HCM consultant to do necessary configuration of HCM module in SAP, prepare and get approved the agreed business blueprints, conduct extensive series of testing (unit test, unit acceptance test, integration test, mega test), conduct trainings to client’s core team and end users, master and transactional data uploads, cutover balances upload, transports from one client to another like DEV to QA etc.

The career of an SAP HCM consultant can continue to grow as he/she gains experience and exposure to different sub-modules of the HCM. Given that the policies and procedures of not only the client but also that of laws and by-laws of the country change with time, thereby providing a constant and consistent revenue and work stream to an SAP HCM Consultant.

Formal Education and Work Experience

- Bachelors or Master’s degree in Human Resources, preferably with focus on specific area.

- At least 4 or more years of professional experience in SAP HCM and been involved in at least 2 full life-cycle implementations (from project preparation to blueprint to go live and support)

- Some experience or at least good comprehension of Talent Management modules like e-Recruiting, Compensation Management, Learning Solution, Competencies and Appraisal management.

- Have worked for 4-5 clients and to have an in-depth understanding of HR business processes.

- Preferably have a solid technical background (ABAP) although now primarily focused on the functional areas.

- Be able to independently manage the detailed configuration and customization in the relevant HCM modules

- Be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and mobility

- Positive team player with great communication skills

- Commercial insight and attitude and very strong customer focus

- Motivated by continuous learning about the features and functionalities of HCM module.

Medicare Eliminates Consult Codes – What Now?

One of the most significant changes for Medicare billing recently is the elimination of payment for consultation codes. Your practice will have to adjust how you bill for these types of services or you will find a lot of denials.

Just in case you have not had a chance to read the newly released fee schedule (just kidding, it is a lot to read), I have summarized the section on consulting codes below.

Here are the facts regarding this new ruling and the potential impact on your practice.

1. Consultation codes 99241-99245 (outpatient/office) and 99251-99255 (inpatient) have been eliminated. Tele-health consultation G-codes (G0425-G0427) will not be eliminated.

2. Use codes for new (99201-99205) or established (99211-99215) patients to replace consultations in the office/outpatient setting.

3. Codes in the inpatient hospital setting (99221-99223) should be used to replace inpatient consultation codes (99251-99255), and for nursing facility consultations use codes (99304-99306).

4. To distinguish the difference between the admitting physician of record from the consultants for initial hospital inpatient and nursing facility admissions, Medicare will develop a modifier. Check with your local carrier for more information.

5. Payments for all Evaluation and Management codes have been increased in an attempt to offset the fees lost from the elimination of consultation codes.

An important note regarding commercial or private insurance. No information has been released by other third party payers regarding payment for consultation codes as of yet. However, if your patient has Medicare as a secondary payer, a decision will need to be made by the physician as to how you will report the consultation. Any consultation claim filed with a commercial insurer such as Blue Cross or Aetna who is primary using the eliminated consultation codes when Medicare is secondary would result in a denial for the secondary claim by Medicare. In those instances where Medicare is secondary, you may want to consider using the new guidelines as stated above for reporting consultation codes.

One more note. If you have not updated your enrollment information with Medicare since November 2003, you must do so. Although enrolled in Medicare, many physicians who are eligible to refer Medicare beneficiaries to other Medicare providers or suppliers for services do not have current enrollment records in Medicare. A current enrollment record is one that is in the Medicare provider enrollment, chain and ownership system (PECOS) and also contains the physician’s national provider identifier (NPI).

Follow these few simple guidelines and you should have no problem being paid for consulting codes.

IT Consulting Services That Your Business Needs

IT consulting services counts among the rapidly growing IT services. It has gained much popularity over these years. One of the major causes behind its popularity is your in-house IT team that lacks the requisite expertise to address and resolve your complex IT problems. You might have to run behind your IT employees who hardly have time to fix those IT issues. Of course, every company finds it most suitable to hire an IT consultant thus, adding value to their business. With their services, your business is highly benefitted and accomplishes its objectives more smoothly and efficiently. IT consulting companies provide IT services outsourcing, IT strategy consultancy and Project Management services. There are a few companies offering you services on programme management, one of the highly specialized areas.

Growing significance of IT consulting services

Several surveys have proven that IT consulting is really important. More and more companies are spending on these services. Nowadays, companies want their IT consultants to offer them staffing services. Indeed, these consultants have better and improved access to resources. Besides, they are specialized enough to use them in highly scalable models. All this cannot be done by the IT employees of your organization.

Top 3 IT consulting services that your business needs

There are a few IT consulting companies that target businesses based on their unique requirements, while others have specialization in helping businesses keep their computer networks and processes functional and secure. Best IT consulting companies necessarily provide the following three services:

Firewall Management: Many a times, organizations carry out firewall management onsite and this is possible only with its IT security employees. But, if you hire an IT consultant for the purpose of firewall management, they assure you that internal sabotage efforts and advanced hacking strategies are opposed by the latest firewall strategies. Firewall management remotely brings enhanced security which in turn helps to execute your business functions efficiently.

Data Backup: According to some of the recently conducted studies, majority of the companies consider data collection to be most important. Data backup is a key focus of IT services that aim at maintaining and improving business. Earlier, companies used to take data backup onsite. But now, IT consultants offer remote data backup services that can easily save your crucial data and information from hardware loss, accidental deletion, relocation or natural calamity. Once your data is backed up remotely, you can feel free about other things occurring in your company. You can now retrieve it whenever you want.

Spam Filtration: The truth is that spam is frustrating. The worst thing is it can come in such huge volumes that it might refrain you from accessing and replying to business emails timely. For instance, if the spam filter of your email service gets failed, as it happens at times, there might be thousands of spam emails filling your mailbox until the problem gets fixed. This takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is ideal to take remote backup of your spam filtration through IT consulting services.

An Overview of Horticultural – APEDA Registration

We all understand the importance in our lives of plants and trees. Our earthly survival is not conceivable without them. Therefore, the horticulture sector in agriculture is one of the most valuable sectors for our total survival and growth. Therefore, this guide to an overview of horticulture will be quite useful to you if you operate a horticulture firm.
Overview of Horticultural
The Latin word hortus (garden) and culura (cultivation) is the word that forms Horticulture . In simple words, it is the farming branch. It means the cultivation, manufacture and selling of plants, fruits, flowers, plants, decorative plants or exotic plants.

Overview of Horticultural advantages in India
The horticultural industry in India has various advantages. By receiving APEDA registration, businesses, farmers, or everyone else involved in horticulture may use these benefits.

Horticulture is one of India’s essential accelerators for growth.

Sometimes the revenues are more prominent than farming (food grains mainly).

In basic, secondary, and tertiary levels, the horticultural system offers several careers.

The gain of small and medium-sized farmers is boosted by horticultural, fruit and vegetable plants.

The horticultural industry allows diversified and balanced food to be consumed by the populations for good livelihoods.

Broad export prospects in India for horticultural crops
In the horticultural field, there are several varieties. These commodities are pretty popular all over the world and are available in India. Thus, after APEDA Registration, you may avail yourself of the most of these business opportunities to export by performing proper market research. Some export opportunities for Horticultural products include -

Honey, Meat and Meat products

Floriculture and floriculture products

Jaggery and sugar

Groundnuts, peanuts, and walnuts

Guar Gum

Poultry and poultry products

Job opportunities in the horticulture Sector Many jobs are available in the horticultural industry directly and indirectly. Horticultural jobs may be both indoor and outdoor. In addition, labor and office work might be these various occupations. Let’s see some of them.

Manager of the garden

Supervisor of the field

Technical plant engineer

Engineer of the landscape

Agriculture Director

Floral Designer/Planner

Professor/coach (teaches horticulture in formal or informal system)

Extender, investigator and many more.

APEDA facilitates jackfruit exports from Tripura to the UK

After successful exports of pineapples and lemon to the Middle East, APEDA supports jackfruit exports from Tripura to the UK. Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export development Authority financed the purchasing of full-grown jackfruit from Sepahijala district. On Friday, APEDA confirmed exporting from Tripura to London of its 1,2-ton batch of fresh jackfruit.
Let’s read about APEDA enabling the export of jackfruit from Tripura to Uk in this article.

APEDA’s first assisted packhouse for exports to European Union
Krishi Sanyoga Agro Producer Company Ltd., located in Tripura was the first approved packaging for APEDA exports to the European Union. Kiera EXIM Pvt Ltd. packed the package in the supply chain APEDA.

It is the first APEDA house for exporting to the Eu Countries and licensed in May 2021. APEDA routinely makes marketing campaigns in order to encourage northeastern regions on India’s trade maps.

The virtual ceremony was attended by authorities such as M Angamutou, the chairman, APEDA, and CK Jamatia, the Agriculture Minister, the Government of Tripura, and other key officials, to dispatch the shipping cargo to Uk.

What is APEDA?
In 1985 the Indian Government formed the Food Export Development Authority for Agricultural and Processed Products (APEDA) to support and develop planned commodity exports. It is an authority of government and hence offers funding, information, and assistance for the production of planned items.

APEDA supports APEDA registrants in many ways. APEDA Registration for agricultural export systematic marketing tactics is advantageous. The main area of activity of APEDA The goal of APEDA’s activities is to promote items from now on from the North-East. APEDA concentrates on the northeast region in terms of capacity building, quality improvement, and infrastructure initiatives.

It will produce dividends between buyers and farmers and will enhance the agricultural supply chain in the northeast. Thus, companies in northeast India that seek chances should be registered with APEDA as soon as possible. APEDA Facilitates jackfruit exports from Tripura to the UK through export promotion programs The prolonged Covid19 epidemic prevented export promotion schemes’ physical implementation. APEDA has taken the lead, however, is organizing a virtual meeting to offer Jackfruit exporters a forum.

MCA Additional Fees Waiver Extended

Dueto the Covid-19, the central government has announced the notification wherein relaxation was granted to Companies and LLPs in the filing of forms without payment of any additional fees where it has been due for filing for a detailed period, the Ministry has published a clarification listing out the forms covered under such relaxation. In this article, we will discuss on mca additional fees waiver extended to 18 forms now.
MCA Additional Fees Waiver Extended
In continuation to the Ministry’s Circular no 06/2021 and 07/2021 dated 3rd May 2021, wherein relaxation was conferred to Companies and LLPs in the filing of forms without payment of any additional fees where it has been due for filing for a specific period, the Ministry has published an explanation listing out the forms covered under such relaxation. The list of forms where additional fees have been waived off is tabulated below:

Additional Notification by Central Government
Further, it is to be remarked that the relaxation w.r.t waiver off additional fees has been provided for the above-referred forms which are due for filing during a particular period only; therefore the clarification (list of forms) has to be applied to along with its respective circular issued on 3rd May 2021.

Timeline for Revocation of GST Registration Cancellation extended

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the central government has furnished some relaxation to the taxpayers for the timeline of filing the ‘Application for Revocation of Cancellation’ has been extended to 180 days from 90 days which will be valid up to 15th June 2021. In this article, we will talk about the Timeline for the Revocation of GST.
Notification on Timeline for Revocation of GST

The central government has issued the notification In cases where a notice has been issued for rejection of refund claim, in full or in part, and where the time limit for issuance of an order in terms of the provisions of sub-section (5), real with subsection (7) of section 54 of the said Act falls during the period from the 15th day of April 2021 to the 30th day of May 2021.

Additionally, the tax official may have canceled a taxpayer’s GST registration by initiating suo moto proceedings. The aggrieved taxpayer can apply for revocation or restoration of such GST registration canceled by attending the GST portal and the timeline for filing such application has been expanded to 180 days which will be valid up to 15th June 2021.

Importance of GST registration cancellation * The taxpayer will not pay GST anymore * For certain businesses, get registration is mandatory, If the GST Registration is canceled and business is still continued, it will mean an offense will apply. * The business has been terminated * The business has been substituted fully, amalgamated, emerged, or otherwise disposed of. * There is a revision in the constitution of the business

Procedure for revocation of GST restoration For revocation of cancellation of GST registration, the adequate officer should provide service of notice in the following manner- * Delivering communication to a person and email address provided at the time of registration, or making it possible on the common portal. * Moreover, the application for GST restoration should be filed within 180 days from the date of service of the GST cancellation order.

No income tax penalty on Hospitals accepting cash from patients

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Finance published an announcement in this regard on Friday announcing relaxation for the Covid Care hospitals in Section 269ST of the Income Tax Act. In this article, we will discuss on No income tax penalty on hospitals.
Notification on No income tax penalty
The central government has facilitated Income Tax for the Covid hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes,s, and Covid care centers of similar facilities for obtaining cash of ?2 lakh or above from the patients.

The Ministry of Finance published notification in this regard on announcing relaxation for the Covid Care hospitals in Section 269ST of the Income Tax Act. But, the exemption for cash payment receipt is for the period of 1st April 2021 to 31st May 2021 only.

The Department of Revenue at the Ministry of Finance has published notification in this regard and stated that the central Government, in the exercise of powers conferred by clause (iii) of Provision to Section 269ST of the Income-tax Act, 1961, hereby specifies hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, Covid Care Centre or similar other medical facilities providing Covid treatment to patients for the pertain of Section 269ST of Income-tax Act, 1961 for payment obtaining in cash during 01.04.2021 to 31.05.2021, on obtaining the PAN or Aadhaar of the patient and the payee and the relationship between the patient and the payee by such hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, Covid Care Centres or similar other medical equipment.

Further Relief by Central Government
Further, the central government Informing about the same, the Income Tax Department also tweeted and stated, “providing further relief in view of severe Covid pandemic, provisions of section 269ST of Income-tax Act,1961 relaxed.